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Gosh, I've been going though some of the words in Leeloo's glossay and I got to say that some of these words are difficult to pronounce.

I'm trying to learn to speak like Leeloo does by speaking fluidly and fast.

However, words like afrilfelset, aranouylipot, basaskidoun, and many cause me to stumble alot as to where I need to reread them slowly and pronounce them carefully.

I think that is why Milla hd to refine it and why she expressed that she was pushed to tears.

I can totally understand, because with the word mycket, I want to pronounce it as mee-kyeht (originally mee-keht as Milla pronounced it) instead because I hate that it feels like a word created to end a sentence or phrase.

Most of these words would have to be rewritten and remade in my opinion which is what I'm trying to do but it's a long process.



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Dr Bernard Leeman
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Someone must make some recordings. The Pimsleur courses introduce words backwards so that "Ohayo Gozaimasu "(Japanese) will be fed in sections "Mass",  "zai" , "Goh" , "hayo" and " O" . I don't know why they do that. The Foreign Service Institute has a very unfortunate method of starting off beginners at normal speaking speed.  I have had trouble getting Koreans and Tigrinyas to speak slowly for recording. It seems to be an alien concept.

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T. Leah Fehr
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I have recordings of most of the 'original' dictionary that I recorded and did post on the site when it was still relatively new last year.  But I've made SO many changes to the site and developed SO many new words, that it became unrealistic for me to try to keep up with it.  If I EVER get some time off from my 'real' job, I'll re-visit the task of recording pronunciation examples, but for now, please be patient and always remember that this isn't a real language - if your pronunciation isn't perfect, who's gonna know?  ;)

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