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According to my online research, I found indications towards the connections between the creator's (Luc Besson) language and the student's (Milla Jovovich) ethnic language.




ne hany: not even (Divinian) not Serbian


pat: four (Divinian) upat (four) Creole (A French-based Language)


I almost totally certain that the language was based on both romance languages (latin, French, Spanish, etc.) and slavic languages (ukrainian, russian, serbian, croatian, etc.), whether or not they look like oter languages (Japanese, Arabic, Swedish, German etc.).




mycket: jealous (Divinian)  very, much, quite, & very much Swedish

kyla: here/ over there (Divinian) cold & chill Swedish


So obviously since some of the words were created to resemble known languages in our world, looks can be decieving.


Milla did say she was pushed to tears to learn and speak the language. Later on it was written that she refined it (pronounciation and all). You can hear her use her Russian roots to pronounce most words as if she were speaking Russian.




abrilomat: address (uh-pree-luh-muht)*


It should be written as aprilomat instead of Luc's original creation but he did allow the rules to be bent for his chosen actress.


Russian voiced consonants are... b, d, g, v, z, and zh sounds.


Russian unvoiced consonants are... f, k (rarely h), p, s, sh,  and t sounds.


For more information on this improtant Russian language twist check here...


So basically, any stressed syllable in a word to Milla would be treated as a Russian based word.


I could go on giving alot of example of my findings but I will hold off for now. I hope this explanation of my opinion based on the subject is easy to understand.


More information will be repeated in my blog also. I have loads of stuff to share but not alot of time to post it, since I'm updated.



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Posts: 42

Ugh! :roll: I wish I could have edited it. I made some errors in typing, spelling, anf grammar.

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